Greater Manchester's Mental Wellbeing Charity

About MancSpirit

Unashamedly Mancunian in Design and Delivery


MancSpirit is Greater Manchester’s Mental Wellbeing Charity – we are committed to improve the mental health of those people who choose Greater Manchester as a home, for a career, for leisure or for learning.

MancSpirit is unashamedly Mancunian in Design and Delivery. We see being Mancunian as an attitude, not a birth-right, and we value those people and organisations that share our Vision of caring for others, helping those that help others, getting stuck in and getting things done – but doing things the right way, by working with others and respecting their individuality.


MancSpirit is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK as a Charitable Incorporated Incorporation (CIO) (Reg Charity No 1184128). This means that we a re a fully registered Charity that has the ability to trade.

The charity is managed by 3 amazing Trustees who between them have extensive experience in The Arts, in Business, in Start-ups, in Retail, in Tech, in Charity and in Education.

We are registered to deliver services and represent all areas in Greater Manchester and we will work with local people in Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Thameside, Trafford, Wigan and all Manchester communities to offer a high quality service to all.

We are fully insured and our workshop facilitators are well skilled and have experience of working in Prisons, Probation, Hostels, Community Centres and in Corporate facilities. They also have a wealth of experience covering Anti-social behaviour, Counselling, Trade Unions, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Business, Social Media, Prisons, Homelessness, Social Exclusion, Cultural issues, Diversity, Quality Management and Accreditation, Strategy, Funding and much more!


Our Charitable Objectives state that MancSpirit is registered for:  

“The advancement and promotion for the public benefit of good health and education in the arts, in particular but not exclusively among those with long-term mental illness or distress, by the provision and maintenance of inspirational events and the provision of art workshops and such other activities or forms of training/support as the trustees shall from time to time determine.”

To deliver this we have key objectives that are central to our ethos:

  • To involve Greater Manchester people in the design and delivery of the Charity, our campaigns, our projects and programmes
  • To deliver inspirational, creative and inclusive workshops and events that improve mental wellbeing, highlight how access to creativity and The Arts can improve mental health and gives people the opportunity learn new skills and take part.
  • To work with established ‘Creatives’ to have them showcase their skills, provide an invite to take part in creative activity and to encourage participation in Creativity and The Arts
  • To take action to ‘Help those that help us’ by demonstrating Greater Manchester’s love, appreciation and commitment to those people working in Emergency services, Voluntary Sector, Carers, Health-care and Public Services through inspirational workshops and events that celebrate true value and worth.
  • To work alongside, and in collaboration with, other Community Groups, Voluntary Sector organisations and Not for Profits to improve their reach and develop best practice in the improvement of Wellbeing across Greater Manchester
  • To encourage involvement and participation in creative activity, Creative Tech and The Arts across Greater Manchester
  • To improve access for vulnerable and disenfranchised people and communities in Creative activity, Creative Tech and The Arts across Greater Manchester
  • To celebrate the vibrant mix of Culture and Diversity across Greater Manchester and bring people together to share and explore those communities
  • To campaign for equal opportunity in access to Social Prescribing and Wellbeing activity and services across all regions in Greater Manchester.  


Our team has experience of working to provide support in many of the most difficult areas that damage Society and destroys people’s lives. They have worked in Probation, Prisons, on the streets with people who are the most entrenched Rough-sleepers, with people who are Beggars, with people living in Hostels, with people struggling with Addiction, those living in Poverty, women escaping Domestic Violence and Abuse, people living with Disability and those with Learning difficulties.

We also have experience of The Arts, Sales, Marketing, Social Media platforms, Retail, Quality Management, Business Development, Governance, Learning and many more areas that we draw on to deliver the highest quality service we can offer.