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We have a selection of Workshops and Events that will benefit your Organisation, provide real life value to your people and through our Charity make a difference in the local community.

Please email us at or talk to us on 07876-505802 to discuss your tailored solution to improve mental health and well-being.

The MancSpirit Creative Well-being Workshops are designed for people to enjoy some time away from their work, with their colleagues, to be entertained and to take part in some activity that is both stimulating but also thought-provoking. We are a Charity and these are our main way of raising funds to enable us to deliver the same quality of workshops to vulnerable groups in Greater Manchester. We have pending requests from Homeless Charities, Elderly Groups, groups of Nurses and even the Police Armed Response Unit! We are committed to ‘Caring for the Carers’ so we’ll make sure that we respond to all these requests as soon as possible.

Our key themes are to discuss and inspire Positive Mental Well-being and to introduce people to Creativity and the Arts. We do this by delivering sessions through co-facilitation of an experienced Session Leader and a well-established Creative who is well know for their work on the Manchester scene. This blend ensures that sessions are responsive but also unique in content and delivery.

Thought provoking content

During the sessions we discuss mental health in general, develop discussions in a responsive manner and then promote the benefits of engaging in creative activity to take some ownership in improving their own personal well-being in general. There is lots of research that tells us that taking part in creative activity improves mental well-being, but it’s bringing this into people’s lives in this way that gives them the opportunity to see it for themselves.

Once we’ve delivered one of our sessions we have evidence that people will pick up the baton. Like the Victorians that planted tree-lined avenues knowing that they would never be here to see the results, we are planting the seeds knowing that people will benefit by being introduced to Writing, Art, Drama and Music.

By bringing the Arts into the workplace we have give people permission to ‘give it a go’, whether that means attending a live event to be entertained or if they start using creativity in their own lives by sketching, writing or attending any of the live events in their local area; then that in itself is a huge result.

As well as the personal benefits of attending our sessions we work closely with each Business to introduce and develop their own themes by acting as an outside agency that delivers positive change. Initially people may be resistant but that’s soon forgotten once we get them involved in fun activities and use our own unique blend of ‘stealth learning’ to introduce humour and friendly competition into the session.

We also work with the Business to confidentiality and sensitively tackle any organisational issues and negative perceptions that can become toxic and limit productivity and growth if left unchecked. Our workshop designers and facilitators have extensive experience of working with difficult and vulnerable groups and safeguarding is embedded into every session.

We offer a range of subjects such as Rap, Creative Writing, Poetry (Spoken Word), Art & Design, Murals (without the mess!), Comedy, Street Art, Drama (Theatre), Music and we are constantly adding more to the list! We work with you to develop sessions that use on-site facilities or we can arrange to deliver sessions off-site if preferable.

Varied activities using the space available

We also conduct an extensive evaluation and will provide your Business with a full detailed feedback report which can be used as snapshot or developed further as a measure of progress if you choose to take up the offer of one of our more extensive well-being programmes.

We can also work with you to integrate staff awards schemes, business networking events, charity fundraisers or any other event where you need positivity, energy and entertainment. We will work with you to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrate your Business as an inclusive Employer and develop your presence in the market as a great Company to work for.

If we want to work with us to benefit your Organisation, Please get in touch to discuss the options and we’ll tailor a program to suit your needs.


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