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Our Greater Manchester Project & GMCA Culture

How we’ve kept this quiet for the last few weeks is nothing short of amazing – we’ve been successful in securing funding from GMCA Culture for the next 2 years to work across Our Greater Manchester!

We’re really honoured to be able to offer the opportunity to Our Greater Manchester communities to showcase the best that they have to offer in Creativity, the Arts, Heritage and Culture. We’re creating a real opportunity for those grassroots organisations, local people and community based groups to develop strong relationships with the Cultural spaces and Businesses in their local area.

MancSpirit is the catalyst – the rest is up to you! It’s in the spirit of Greater Mancunians, whether from Manchester, Trafford, Bury, Stockport or Wigan to rally together, look after each other and through creativity in all its forms, to achieve positive social change. This is embedded in each regions Culture and forms our regional and collective narratives. It is the stories we share of overcoming adversity, it’s in our literature, in our art and an important part of who we are. Through this programme of activity we will tackle the negative and celebrate the positive and together we will create a Legacy that will inspire new activity and bring fun and entertainment into each Region.

Having this opportunity to work alongside GMCA and other organisations that are passionate about Culture, Heritage and the Arts in our Greater Manchester is a real milestone within the MancSpirit story. It is our ambition to reach out to communities that would otherwise feel disenfranchised, isolated, disengaged and left behind; and this funding will help us to ensure that arts, culture and creativity are accessible throughout our Greater Manchester.

This project will provide a foundation for people in Trafford, Bury, Stockport and Wigan to showcase the great work they do and provide a platform for some incredible untapped talent. Manchester has a fantastic reputation for being at the centre of Creativity, Arts, Innovation and positive Social Change and it’s time that all 10 boroughs were given the same opportunity to showcase what they have to offer.

Each of our Boroughs has a unique cultural identity, strong regional narrative and a vastly diverse offer. Through our programme of work over the next two years we will offer inspiration, open-up investment and improve mental health & wellbeing for those that live, work, learn, visit and socialise in Our Greater Manchester.

Looking forward to working with the other members of the GMCA Culture portfolio who are: –

•             Art with Heart  

•             Company Chameleon    

•             HOME  

•             Manchester Literature Festival  

•             Oldham Coliseum           

•             The Met

•             Arts for Recovery in the Community       

•             Contact

•             Manchester Camerata  

•             Manchester Pride           

•             People’s History Museum           

•             The Turnpike

•             Brighter Sound 

•             English Folk Expo             

•             Manchester Histories    

•             MancSpirit         

•             Quays Culture   

•             Walk the Plank

•             Cartwheel Arts 

•             Gaydio 

•             Manchester International Festival           

•             Music Action International          

•             Royal Exchange Theatre

•             Wigan STEAM CIC

•             Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts  

•             Global Grooves

•             Manchester Jazz Festival              

•             Octagon Theatre             

•             Sheba Arts         

•             Z-Arts

•             Comma Press    

•             GM Arts              

•             Manchester Jewish Museum     

•             Old Courts

              The Halle

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