Greater Manchester's Mental Wellbeing Charity

Workshop Structure

Workshop structure

MancSpirit Workshops consist of a 2 hour session with a 10 minute break half way through. They are co-facilitated by an experienced Session Facilitator and an established person from the ‘Creative’ world. We can facilitate sessions for groups of between 8 and 12 participants.

Sessions are available for anyone over 18 years of age.

Through a blend of presentation, activity and discussion we introduce tools and techniques that improve mental wellbeing and provides participants with an invitation to be entertained and take part in subjects such as poetry, creative writing, crafts, drawing, music, acting, etc.

We guide participants through each session, tailoring our themes to each group and organisation to offer ‘stealth learning’ that improves inclusion and encourages confidence. By the end of each session we identify a range of transferable ‘soft’ skills that people have utilised throughout the day such as Teamworking, Communication, Problem Solving, Interpersonal skills, Flexibility and Adaptability. These all help people build Resilience and works toward them being more employable.